Dot received her Master of Science degree in both chemistry and biological sciences from the University of Mississippi and her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with a minor in biological sciences from Mississippi College. A lifelong educator, Dot has taught at Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Brookhaven High School, West Lincoln High School and presently teaches at the Mississippi School of the Arts. She is certified to teach chemistry, physics, biological sciences, and mathematics.

Like many educators, Dot’s passion for teaching was ignited by “seeing the light come on in a student’s eyes,” the exuberant moments when student understanding finally arrives. This passion led to helping students prepare for the ACT® through private tutoring and live classroom events. After more than 40 years of dedication, few people are as qualified to provide exam preparation as Dot.

Dot’s unique preparation approach helps students of all ability levels stay fully engaged and gain the most improvement in the shortest time by explaining difficult content in a way that every student can follow and understand. These improvements have led to acceptances into major universities and financial scholarships, opening the door to higher learning for many that would have never been accepted or able to afford college on their own.

Dot has received numerous school, community, district, and state awards through the years, but says her best award comes when a student says, “I raised my score!” She is humbled and honored to have been selected nineteen years through the STAR teacher program, wherein the top ACT scorer in a school selects his/her most influential teacher. Through Jumpstart Test Prep, her legacy of helping students will remain intact and allow many others the benefit of her proven approach.